How to order from The Readery

Some of our customers have let us know that they prefer to shop from home
even after The Readery reopens on Monday, 27 April.

We will happily continue to fill any orders for books or gift certificates,
just as we did throughout the lockdown.

•Send us a list of books you would like to purchase,
providing titles and authors.

If we currently have any in stock,
we’ll let you know the prices.

Ask for a free Readery book bag
with orders of €50 or more.

If the books you want are not in stock,
we can suggest alternate titles,
if you indicate that in your message.

Naturally, books can be picked up at the shop
if you wish to avoid shipping charges.

If we have the books you want,
we will email an invoice to you with our bank info.
Payment by bank transfer only.

•If you wish to purchase a gift certificate,
just let us know for how much and we will send an invoice.
The gift certificate will be mailed upon receipt of payment.
(€20,– minimum.)
Payment by bank transfer only.

Bookstore Credit is not valid for book orders or gift certificates

Please be smart, stay safe, and bleib Gesund.

With warmth,
John & Lisa