Munich Readery proprietor
John Browner's
recently re-issued 1980 novel:

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is now on sale at The Readery

Back in the 70s, decades before he moved to Munich to open The Readery, John Browner was hanging out at clubs like CBGB’s on the Lower East Side of New York where the nascent Punk Rock scene was coming into its own and artists such as Patti Smith and bands such as the Ramones, the Talking Heads and Blondie were getting their start.

Just for fun, Browner started writing a novel about a middle-aged, downmarket detective and dropped him into the craziness of the NYC punk rock club scene. Lenny Hornblower was born. The novel, published by Pocket Books in the US and by Heyne here in Germany, became a a minor cult favorite among enthusiasts of that time and place.

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And check out this sweet video about John and his book by our daughter, Greta:

Copies of Death of a Punk available now at The Readery.

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